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Jiaxing Uni Hardware Co.,Ltd. is a factory specializing in the manufacture of screws and anchors. Meanwhile,our international trade team is dedicated to new projects,such as stainless steel fasteners,solar parts,riggings,hose clamps etc.After a long struggle,UNIFIXS become more and more famous at home and abroad. We are able to supply different markets with an annual production capacity of over 10000tons. And our products are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as Panama, Columbia, Peru, Germany, Poland, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia and etc.

No matter what product you choose, quality is guaranteed,and it comes at a competitive price. Strict production procedure and quality controlling are carried out in every product batch by our well-equipped laboratory to make sure that only qualified products can be delivered to our customers. It's worth mentioning that our packaging team accept MOQ,we customize packaging according to customer requirements,our aim is to grow our business by expanding yours.
As China Custom Chipboard Screws Manufacturers and Wholesale Chipboard Screws Factory,UNIFIXS has always focused on research, development and innovation,we constantly encourages and trains team, in order to enhance its services,especially after-sales service. Welcome further more valuable comments from you,no matter if its good,so that we can go forward in the problems and improve team services. We look forward to doing business with you.

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With our annual production capacity of more than 10000 tons, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities. custom Chipboard Screws suppliers in China.

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The Functions of Chipboard Screws?

Chipboard screws, also known as particle board screws or particleboard screws, serve several essential functions in woodworking and construction projects. Here are their primary functions:
Joining Particleboard: Chipboard screws are designed specifically for fastening particleboard, which is a commonly used engineered wood product. They create a secure and reliable connection between pieces of particleboard, helping form the structural framework of furniture, cabinets, and other wood-based assemblies.
Securing Laminates: In furniture and cabinetry, chipboard screws are frequently used to secure laminates, veneers, or other thin materials to the particleboard core. They provide a firm grip without causing damage or distortion to the laminate surface.
Preventing Splitting: These screws are designed to reduce the risk of splitting or cracking the particleboard material, thanks to their sharp and fine threads. This is particularly important when working with thinner boards or near the edges of the material.
Diverse Head Styles: Chipboard screws are available with different head styles, including countersunk, pan, or raised heads. The choice of head style can affect the appearance of the finished product and allow for flush or slightly raised fastening.
Self-Drilling Capability: Many chipboard screws are self-drilling, meaning they can create their pilot holes as they are driven into the material. This feature simplifies installation and reduces the need for pre-drilling.
High Thread Density: The high thread density on chipboard screws ensures a strong grip within the particleboard, preventing loosening or backing out over time.
Versatile Material Compatibility: While designed for particleboard, chipboard screws can also be used with other wood-based materials like MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or plywood. Their functionality extends to various woodworking applications.
Cabinet and Furniture Construction: Chipboard screws are commonly used in the assembly of cabinets, bookshelves, and other furniture pieces, as they provide a stable and lasting connection between components.
Cost-Effective Fastening: Chipboard screws are generally cost-effective, making them an economical choice for woodworking projects. Their affordability is advantageous for both professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts.
Efficient Assembly: They facilitate efficient and streamlined assembly processes in manufacturing settings, reducing production time and labor costs.
Different Lengths: Chipboard screws come in various lengths, allowing woodworkers to choose the right size for their specific project requirements, ensuring a secure and robust connection.

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