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Jiaxing Uni Hardware Co.,Ltd. is a factory specializing in the manufacture of screws and anchors. Meanwhile,our international trade team is dedicated to new projects,such as stainless steel fasteners,solar parts,riggings,hose clamps etc.After a long struggle,UNIFIXS become more and more famous at home and abroad. We are able to supply different markets with an annual production capacity of over 10000tons. And our products are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as Panama, Columbia, Peru, Germany, Poland, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia and etc.

No matter what product you choose, quality is guaranteed,and it comes at a competitive price. Strict production procedure and quality controlling are carried out in every product batch by our well-equipped laboratory to make sure that only qualified products can be delivered to our customers. It's worth mentioning that our packaging team accept MOQ,we customize packaging according to customer requirements,our aim is to grow our business by expanding yours.
As China Custom High Strength Bars & Nuts Manufacturers and Wholesale High Strength Bars & Nuts Factory,UNIFIXS has always focused on research, development and innovation,we constantly encourages and trains team, in order to enhance its services,especially after-sales service. Welcome further more valuable comments from you,no matter if its good,so that we can go forward in the problems and improve team services. We look forward to doing business with you.

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With our annual production capacity of more than 10000 tons, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities. custom High Strength Bars & Nuts suppliers in China.

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Industry Knowledge

What is High Strength Bars?

High-strength bars, often referred to as high-strength steel bars or high-strength reinforcing bars, are a type of construction material used to reinforce and strengthen concrete structures. These bars are made from steel with enhanced tensile strength, making them well-suited for structural applications where superior load-bearing capacity is required.
Key characteristics and details about high-strength bars include:
Material: High-strength bars are typically made from high-strength steel alloys, often referred to as high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel or microalloyed steel. These materials are engineered to provide higher tensile strength compared to standard steel.
Tensile Strength: The defining feature of high-strength bars is their exceptional tensile strength. These bars can withstand heavy loads and forces, making them ideal for reinforcing concrete structures in areas subject to significant stress.
Reinforcement: High-strength bars are used as reinforcement within concrete elements, such as beams, columns, and foundations. They help to improve the structural integrity of these elements and reduce the risk of cracking or failure.
Types: Various types of high-strength bars are available, each designed for specific applications. Common types include:
High-Strength Reinforcing Bars (HSRB): These bars are used in reinforced concrete construction to enhance the structural strength and load-bearing capacity.
Post-Tensioning Bars: These bars are used in post-tensioned concrete systems, which are often employed in bridge construction, parking garages, and other large structures.
Pre-Stressing Bars: Pre-stressing bars are used in pre-stressed concrete, a construction technique that imparts compressive forces to the concrete to improve its load-bearing capacity.
Standards: High-strength bars are subject to industry and international standards to ensure quality and performance. Common standards include ASTM A615 and ASTM A706 for high-strength reinforcing bars in the United States.
Corrosion Resistance: High-strength bars may have special coatings or treatments to enhance their corrosion resistance, especially when used in outdoor or corrosive environments.
Sizing: High-strength bars come in various sizes, with different diameters and lengths to suit different construction needs.

Why choose High Strength Nuts?

Matching Strength: High-strength nuts are designed to complement high-strength bolts or bars. Using a high-strength nut with a high-strength bolt ensures that the entire connection is of the same strength class, reducing the risk of failure due to a weaker component.
Structural Integrity: In critical structural applications such as bridges, high-rise buildings, and industrial structures, the choice of fasteners, including high-strength nuts, is vital for maintaining structural integrity and safety. High-strength nuts help ensure that connections remain secure under heavy loads and stress.
Load-Bearing Capacity: High-strength nuts can bear substantial loads and resist deformation. This feature is important in applications where the connection's load-carrying capacity is a primary concern.
Safety: High-strength nuts are used in safety-critical applications, such as aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas industries, where reliability is paramount. They help prevent catastrophic failures by maintaining connection integrity.
Corrosion Resistance: Some high-strength nuts are available with special coatings or materials that offer enhanced corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor or corrosive environments.
Industry Standards: High-strength nuts are manufactured to adhere to specific industry and international standards, ensuring that they meet stringent quality and performance requirements.
Distributed Stress: High-strength nuts help distribute stress evenly across the threaded connection, reducing the risk of localized stress concentration and potential failures.
Versatility: High-strength nuts come in various types, such as hex nuts, lock nuts, and jam nuts, and are available in different materials and coatings to suit a wide range of applications.
Environmental Conditions: High-strength nuts are often used in applications where they may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, chemical exposure, or extreme weather.
Heavy Machinery: High-strength nuts are commonly used in heavy machinery and equipment, where the integrity of connections is crucial to the safety and performance of the equipment.
Maintenance and Durability: High-strength nuts are chosen when long-term durability and reduced maintenance are desired, ensuring that the connections remain stable over time.

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